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Statement Pieces

One of the easiest ways to jazz up a bland space is to add a statement piece. What's a statement piece? We're glad you asked! A statement piece is an eye-catching accent. It will probably be the first thing you notice when you walk into a room. Need some ideas for sprucing up with a statement piece? Look no further!

Paint or wallpaper an accent wall. One wall that is wildly different can give all new appeal! Wallpaper is making a comeback with more textures like grasscloth, faux plaster, and even faux leather. A painted or wallpapered mural is also a great way to call attention.

Add a little stone. Stone veneer isn't just for fireplaces anymore. Those rugged details really catch the eye in any area of your home. Bring the outdoors into your bathroom. Add a dose of masculinity to your bedroom. Or Give an air of natural beauty to your laundry room.

Play with vibrant color. Neutrals are a classic foundation to any space, but wild, vibrant colors can be just the ticket to snag family and friends' attention. Yellows and Navy pop well against gray. And earthy tones like green, provide contrast against beige. Walls, furniture, and art work can be statement pieces when used appropriately with color.

Choose extraordinary furniture. A whiskey barrel turned into a coffee table. Vintage luggage transitioned into a side table. A book tree bookshelf. Really unique furniture pieces are fun and can change the whole perspective of a room. Whatever brings your personality into the space is welcomed as a statement piece.

How about you? What kind of statement would you like to make?

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